Threat Level



   Run Cadence with Lee FMJ Re-Mix(4.87MB MP3)

USMC Band Semper Fidelis (2141kB MP3)
   USMC Band National Anthem (918kB MP3)
    USMC Band The Stars and Stripes Forever (2670kB MP3)
    USMC Band National Emblem(2167kB MP3)
    USMC Band Marine Hymn (692kB MP3)
    USMC Band Anchors Aweigh & Marine Hymn (1009kB MP3)
    USMC Band King Cotton(1946kB MP3)
    USMC Band Auld Lang Syne (844kB MP3)

    Gomer Pyle, USMC Theme (864kB MP3)

    Full Metal Jacket Sounds

   1234corp.wav   "One two three four, I love the Marine Corps!"
   assbelon.wav   "God was here before the Marine Corps. So you can give your heart to Jesus, but your a** belongs to the Corps!"
   dirtbag.wav   "Where is your honor, dirtbag? You are an absolute disgrace!"
   fmj_mary.wav   "Your days of finger-banging old Mary Jane Rottencrotch, through her pretty pink panties, are over!"
   fmjballs.wav "I'm going to rip your balls off, so you can not contaminate the rest of the world!"

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